Wednesday, May 02, 2007

NADER KHALILI........the puzzle piece

Low cost, eco friendly shelters are the domiciles of the future.

Using sand bags filled with earth, SUPERADOBE structures are easy to build and safe. Stacked in coils on barbed ware, SUPERADOBE uses a minimal amount of purchased materials and can be built almost anywhere.

With the ability to be combined with other alternative power and plumbing solutions, soon it may be possible to live comfortably off the power grid.

NADER KHALILI........the proposal

Nadar Khalili believes in building with the stuff of the earth....dirt

According to Nadar....
To build simple emergency and safe structures in our backyards, to give us maximum safety with minimum environmental impact, we must choose natural materials and, like nature itself, build with minimum materials to create maximum space, like a beehive or a sea shell. The strongest structures in nature which work in tune with gravity, friction, minimum exposure and maximum compression, are arches, domes and vault forms. And they can be easily learned and utilize the most available material on earth: Earth.

NADER KHALILI........the big idea

The Big Idea
With the increase of natural disasters due to global warming, more and more people are being displaced from their homes. Our response has been to rebuild these same failed structures.

Nader Khalili builds structures with the idea that they are part of nature. For this reason he uses natural materials and forms prevalent in the environment.